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Special treat for anyone still lurking here four years after this server died. I un-hid all of the old posts and such for nostalgia purposes. Have fun.

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PostSubject: Just Read   Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:37 pm

This is going to sound very biased and so in my favour, but it honestly isn't i just simple believe when it was this way the GM team worked very well together and there was no complaints about new EM positions.

I think the GM team should go back to before:

The above team worked very well together, we had our differences but when it came to players we put them aside and just got on with the job, now'a days we get along all fine.

I think the EM thing should be removed, not because i dont want Piie to be there its just players complain to GM's that there are not enough events but I think to many events remove all value Purple Mesos have. Also EM's dont do much other than host Events which is part of a GM requirement and GM's enjoyed it, so giving that responsibilty away kinda gives the GM's nothing to do but ban and when thats done theres nothing left until the next hacker.

This may sound like im saying make me GM and get rid of EM now im not one, but Chris and Nirusan will understand what i mean.

Piie i have nothing against you being GM, but the 3 of us worked very well together and i think it needs to be tried again. One of the main reasons me and Adam were brought into GM is that of timezones and the fact we wanted GM's on almost all the time, I think that issue needs to be adressed again.

Please post what you think.
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Just Read
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