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Special treat for anyone still lurking here four years after this server died. I un-hid all of the old posts and such for nostalgia purposes. Have fun.

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 LupinDoll GM aplic

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PostSubject: LupinDoll GM aplic   Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:28 pm

IGN: LupinDoll or mattemattic

Languages you speak: French and english.Trying to learn korean

Age: 16~

Sex: Guy.. a pure dude

How long you've played ms for: I've played MS for around 3 or more

What other private servers have you played on:MeowMS,OdinMS, alot of my own server and friends server

How long you've played meow ms for:First version v.55 MeowMS then it closed.. Came back v.62.. Being closed by NE卍ON >.> (it so lame.. just for this i hate NE卍ON)then i played a little bit in season3(itink it was a test o.o). Now waiting for season 4

Experienced? if yes tell us how so:I've Been GM/Owner/Coder/Co-Owner on alot of server. I've tryed my best to make the server in a great and lovely Mood.

What are your goals if you become a member of our staff:Ban hammer alot. Ban all hacker. Well .. Eliminate all nusisance for MeowMS.

What will you contribute to the server: Active,Nice and friendly that what i am.. But if u wanna know how i can contribute to the server.. You still need to tell me what you need! Imust fallow Order from cory.. Dont give item. Dont being gay.~ if i'am GameMaster of MeowMS. Ill try to do my best to help tho...

Extra: Sorry if my aplic was kinda sucky but im still french and it hard to write correcly in english S:...

Credit:Cory(being the best Owner and coder ever)
My bro(told me about MMS)

Ty for reading it ^^ if u really does...

=D Happy MMapling
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LupinDoll GM aplic
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