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Special treat for anyone still lurking here four years after this server died. I un-hid all of the old posts and such for nostalgia purposes. Have fun.

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 constant d/c from server

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PostSubject: constant d/c from server   Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:07 am

okey i was trying to figure out this one by myself but i did everything in area of my power and knowledge and i just dont know how i can fix this...
in general - bosses d/c me. as a matter of fact EVERY bigger mob, players movement d.c me. i got this idea that my files got somewhat corrupted as this problem can be fixed temporarly by reinstaling maplestory but thx to its sloow instalisation - which takes me around 1h each time i am not interested in using this constantly ever now and then. i DID notice that this problem pops up everytime client connects wrongly - not to MeowMS but is trying to connect to global maple story. then the download launches and not always i am able to cancel in time. btw this is really quite random - half of the time it connects to MeowMS, the other half it tries to connect to the original. i remember having this issue (but without rapid d/c) on other privet server and it was fixed when they made modified exe file with their own name.
so. any idea how to stop that fucking patcher from auto-updating? or what files can be corrupted? or wth help lol.
btw the errors looks like this:
i am normaly playing, then screen gose twisted (like with npc glitch when you click to many times and to fast on NPC) and then i am being kicked back to logging screen with nice "Unable to connect to server" message (or something within those lines).


yea, ive checked again. i used my previous server exe WITH having your files in folder. exe still correctly redirect me to them. would it be possible to mimic thos method?
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constant d/c from server
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