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Special treat for anyone still lurking here four years after this server died. I un-hid all of the old posts and such for nostalgia purposes. Have fun.

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 GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)

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PostSubject: GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)   Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:48 am

1. No giving out items/mesos for no reason or spawning monsters for one specific person. No leveling people up for no reason. No training players.

2. In the case of events, GM items and GM scrolls are strictly forbidden. Bow-ties are also forbidden. Any player caught with one of these items will have it confiscated so we can see what GM gave it to them and the player will be punished.

3. No banning other GMs unless they've gone rouge (trying intentionally to destroy the server)

4. Avoid getting involved in drama and instead try to end it.

5. No harassing other players, especially by using your GM powers.

6. Don't fucking crash the server with summons.

7. Removed for idioticness.

8. If you cannot co-exist with any GM for whatever reason, whether it is your fault or not, then, in my opinion, you don't deserve to be a GM. The GM drama needs to stop, seriously.

9. When you ban somebody, for the reason write IN DETAIL what they did. If they were hacking, say what type of hack(s) they were using. If they were banned for harassment, write exactly what they said and how long the ban is for. This will allow other GMs and Cory to know the reason for the ban, should any confusion arise.

10. You may sell a player any cash equip that is unavailable to them from Cody. You may only sell them regular equips if it's something important that they can't find anywhere else (i.e a claw/bow.) Don't sell them the cool items that they all want like stirges or lunchboxes. These should probably be used as big event prizes. Use common sense!


Command [Arguments] - Description
Admin Commands
For characters with a GM level of 5 or higher.

!changename [user] [name] - Changes [user]'s name to [name].
!ownuser [user] - Mutes and Sets [user]'s GM level to 1 and disables EXP.
!pmob [mobid] [mobtime] - Permanently creats a mob at that point.
!pnpc [npc] - Permanently creates a npc at that spot.
!sql [command] - Does an ingame SQL Command.
!setGMLevel [person][level] - Set's [person]'s GM level to [level].
!shutdown [minutes] - Shuts down server.
!shutdownnow - Shuts the server down immediately.


Super Commands
For characters with a GM level of 4 or higher.

!cast [skill] [level] - Casts skill [skill] at level [level] on all characters.
!closePortal [portal] - Closes Portal [portal].
!dc [user] - Disconnects [user].
!dcall - Disconnects everyone in the server.
!event - Starts an event in your map.
!gmscroll - Sets the gmscroll on/off.
!horntail - Spawns Horntail.
!jobperson [person] [jobid] - Gives [person] job with jobid [jobid].
!kill [user] - Kills [user].
!npc [npcid] - Spawns a NPC [npcid].
!openPortal [portal] - Opens portal [portal].
!reactorchange [id][type][map] - Changes the state of reactor.
!removenpcs [npc arraylist] - Removes every npc in [npc arraylist].
!ringme [ringid] [user] - Gives self a ring with [user].
!sex [user] [type] [message] - Sends a Smega for [User] with the message [message].
!sexbot [spawn/stance] [id] - Spawns Sexbot with ID [id].
!sgmsg [message] - Sends [message] to all GMs.
!speak [user] [message] - Makes [user] say [message].
!speakall [message] - Makes everyone say [message].
!startProfiling - Starts profiling.
!stopProfiling - Stops profiling.
!unban [user] - Unbans [user].
!unbanIP [user] - Unbans the IP of [user].
!zakum - Spawns Zakum.


GM Commands
For characters with a GM Level of 3 or higher.

!anego - Spawns Anego.
!balrog - Spawns Balrogs.
!blackcrow - Spawns Black Crow.
!bob - Spawns Bob the Snail.
!bird - Spawns Phoenix and Freezer.
!centipede - Spawns Centipede.
!clone - Spawns Clone Bosses.
!coke - Spawns Coke Monsters.
!cornian - Spawns Cornians.
!dragon - Spawns Wyverns.
!ergoth - Spawns Ergoth.
!franken - Spawns Frankensteins.
!horseman - Spawns Headless Horseman.
!leafreboss - Spawns Bosses of Leafre.
!loki - Spawns Loki Box.
!ludimini - Spawns Minibosses.
!mushmom - Spawns Mushmoms.
!nx - Spawns 10 NX Slimes.
!pap - Spawns Papulatus.
!papapixie - Spawns Papa Pixie.
!pianus - Spawns Pianus.
!pirate - Spawns Pirates.
!rock - Spawns Indestructible Rocks.
!shark - Spawns Sharks.
!snackbar - Spawns Snack Bar.
!theboss - Spawns The Boss.

!str [number] - Sets [number] as str.
!dex [number] - Sets [number] as dex.
!luk [number] - Sets [number] as int.
!int [number] - Sets [number] as luk.
!hp [number] - Sets [number] as hp.
!mp [number] - Sets [number] as mp.
!ap [number] - Sets [number] as ap.
!sp [number] - Sets [number] as sp.
!allocate [stat] [num] - Add [num] to the stat [stat].
!exp [number] - Sets [number] as exp.
!god - Sets Hit-Godmode.
!level [number] - Sets [number] as level.
!maxall - Maxes stats.
!reborn [number] - Sets [number] as the number of reborns.
!setall [number] - Sets Str/Dex/Int/Luk as [number].

!exprate [number] - Sets exp rate as [number].
!mesorate [number] - Sets meso rate as [number].
!droprate [number] - Sets drop rate as [number].
!bossdroprate [number] - Sets boss drop rate as [number].

!giftnx [user] [amount] - Gifts [user] [amount] nx.
!healperson [user] - Heals [user].
!healmap - Heals the whole map.
!hurt [name] - Sets HP/MP of name to 1.
!killeveryone - Kills everyone in the server.
!killmap - Kills everyone in your map.
!levelperson [user] [level] - Set's [user] to level [level].
!lolhaha [user] - Switches the gender of [user].
!mesoperson [user] [mesos] - Gives [user] [mesos] mesos.
!rebornperson [user] [num] - Set's [user]'s rebirths to [num].
!slap [person] [damage] - Slaps [person] with [damage] damage.
!warphere [user] - Warps [user] to your map.
!warmap [map] - warps everyone in your map to [map].

!buffme - Buffs yourself.
!chattype - Switches your GM white chat to black, or vice-versa.
!fakechar - Creates a clone of you.
!fame - Sets your fame to [number].
!heal - Heals you to max.
!job [jobid] - Changes your job to [job].
!levelup - Levels you up.
!maxall - Maxes all your stats.
!mesos [number] - Adds [number] mesos to your account.
!pvpdeaths [amount] - Sets PVP deaths.
!pvpkills [amount] - Sets PVP kills.
!skill [skill] [level] - Gives you [skill] at level [level].
!warp [mapid] [portal] - Warps you to [mapid] and portal [portal].

!ban [user] [reason] - Ban [user].
!banreason [user] - Find the ban reason of [user].
!delreport [user] - Delete report of [user].
!getidbyname [name] - Gets the ID of a user with name.
!getnamebyid [id] - Gets the name of a user with id [id].
!getreport [user] - Get reports of [user].
!jail [jailnum] [user] - Jails [user].
!listreports - Lists reports.
!setreportstatus - Sets report status.
!tempban - Temp bans [user].
!unjail [jailnum] [user] - Unjails [user].

!gmchat - Enables or disables GM Chat.
!gmsg [message] - Sends all GMs [message].
!mute [type] [user] - Mutes [user]'s [type] of chat (ex: smega, whisper).
!notice [message] - Sends a notice to the whole server.
!removebot - Removes the Server Bot.
!say [message] - Say a message to the whole server.
!drop [id] [amount] - Drops item with id [id] and amount [amount].
!droprandomstatitem [id] - Drops item [id] with random stats.
!id [name] - Searches IDs.
!item [id] [amount] - Gains item with id [id] and amount [amount].

!connected - Shows how many people are connected to the server.
!gmsonline - Shows how many GMs are online.
!online - Shows how many people are online.
!whereami - Shows what map you are in.
!whosthere - Shows who's in the map.

!cancelBuffs [user] - Cancels buffs of [user].
!charinfo [user] - Gets Character info.
!cleardrops - Clears all drops on the map.
!clock [time] - Creates a clock with time limit [time].
!fakerelog - Fake relogs your character.
!foj [1-5] - Transports you to foj [1-5].
!giveItemBuff [user] [id] - Gives buff with id [id] to [user].
!killall - Kill all monsters in the map.
!nearestPortal - Displays the nearest portal.
!pos - Shows your position in your map.
!openshop [shop] - Opens a shop with id [shop].
!saveall - Saves the server.
!showMonsterID [mob] - Shows monster id of [mob].
!song [songname] - Changes music in server.
!spawn [mob] [amount] - Spawns [amount] of monster [mob].


Intern Commands
Only available for GM Level of 2 or higher.

!buff - Opens the Buff Shop.
!face - Opens the Facial Expression Shop.
!glimmer - Opens a shop that sells NLC items.
!gmshop - Opens the GM Shop.
!mage - Opens the Mage shop.
!maple - Opens a shop that sells maple items.
!misc - Opens a shop.
!pack - Opens the NX Package Shop.
!pets - Opens the Pet Shop.
!ring - Opens the Ring Shop.
!sbag - Opens a shop that sells Summon Bags.
!scroll - Opens a scroll shop.
!shop - Opens the noob shop.
!smega - Opens the Megaphone Shop.
!thief - Opens the Thief shop.
!warrior - Opens the Warrior shop.
!cheaters - Shows the cheaters in the server.
!map [mapid] [portal] - Warps you to [mapid] and portal [portal].


Donator Commands
Only available for GM level of 1 or higher.

!donatortest - Checks if donators work or not.


Player Commands
Available for non-limited players.

@changename [name] - Change your name to [name] if you have a name changer or 1B mesos.
@credits - Shows Credits.
@dispose - Use if you're stuck.
@emo - Kill yourself.
@expfix - This resets your exp to 0.
@fmnpc - Opens Shanks.
@help - This shows all the player commands.
@killplayer [player] - Kills [player] if [player] is not a gm. Costs 100M per use and has a cooldown.
@rebirth - Does Reborn/Rebirth at level 200+.
@save - Saves your data.
@str [num] - Adds [num] str.
@dex [num] - Adds [num] dex.
@int [num] - Adds [num] int.
@luk [num] - Adds [num] luk.
@toggleexp - Toggles whether you get exp or not.
@version - Shows Version.


Limited Commands
Available for all players.

@isuck - Sends a message to everyone in the server apologizing.


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PostSubject: Re: GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)   Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:20 pm

nicly done heres a sticker bro 🐰
jk thx man this really helps

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PostSubject: Re: GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)   Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:39 pm

ChrisBABE Thanks (:
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PostSubject: f   Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:55 am

nice :0
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PostSubject: Re: GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)   Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:15 pm


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PostSubject: Re: GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)   Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:27 pm

Haha, good job on the copy and paste Chris. I would have done the same lmao.
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PostSubject: Re: GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)   

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GM Commands/Rules/Guidelines (UPDATED 12/28/08)
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